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Journalism Club Prepares for Spring Events

Spring 2017 Journalism ClubJournalism Club President Morgan Brizee and Treasurer Race Blackwell gathered students in Bret Harte House today for the club’s first meeting of the semester. They planned a trip to San Francisco, organized entertainment and events for the spring banquet, discussed possible t-shirt design and a high school journalism contest and had a few laughs while eating pizza.


New Club Officers for Spring 2013

The Journalism Club held elections for officers, and the following people were elected:

Colleen Chalmers will continue as club president. She served as leader in the fall 2012 and is organizing a club trip to San Francisco in February.

Maggie Budd was elected as vice president.

Ella Rathman will be secretary.

Alexa Malmgren will function as club treasurer and be responsible for signing documents related to the club trust accounts.

Thank you to everyone who ran for leadership positions. The club organizes trips each year and is responsible for the entertainment of the journalism spring banquet in April. If you are a journalism major and wish to join the club, please email the club president at colleen.chalmers at or the club’s faculty adviser Vicky Sama at ves9 at

HSU J-Club takes on D.C.

By Kaci Poor

Buildings loomed overhead as we stepped out of the metro station in Chinatown on our first night in Washington D.C. Although it was late — and a weeknight! — cars zipped by and the city buzzed with the faint crackle of electricity lighting up billboards and restaurant signs.  Goodbye Arcata — our D.C. experience had begun.

Over the next five days we toured CNN and NPR, explored national monuments and attended a two-day political journalism conference hosted by the Fund for American Studies.

CNN visitNatalia Estrada, Bryn Robertson, Kaci Poor, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Susan Aksu, Joshua Aden, Luke Ramseth, Brandon Widder and Melissa Coleman on the set of The Situation Room during a short commercial break.

Here are a few of my reactions from our whirlwind trip:


We lucked out on our CNN tour guide, Jay McMichael. A big thanks to our professor Vicky Sama for setting up a visit with her former colleagues at CNN. McMichael is a senior photojournalist who has been working on Capitol Hill for over 20 years. Needless to say, he knows CNN like the back of his hand.  The fast-paced tour he took us on snaked through network’s various departments — one minute we were sitting around a conference table for a Q&A with State of the Union’s Candy Crowley and the next we were shaking hands with Wolf Blitzer in a commercial break during a live taping of the Situation Room. So cool!


Thanks to Josh Aden, an International Studies major and past Lumberjack news editor who joined us on the trip, we were able to set-up a quick NPR tour before our conference.  So, you know that warm, cozy feeling you get when you listen to NPR? That’s exactly how the Washington D.C. bureau feels. Seriously, you want to work in a place where the cozy sweater is standard workplace attire and the smell of toast and coffee perpetually waft through the air? NPR is the place for you. A highlight of the tour — led by our fantastic tour-guide Alan Stone — was seeing the studios of Morning Edition, All Things Considered and Talk of the Nation where we got to listen in as reporters taped their shows for later in the day.

Institute for Political Journalism Conference

Conferences have always been hard for me to sit through. But I have to give credit to the Fund for American Studies — this conference was both engaging and informative. Not only did we hear from note-worthy journalists and media experts from organizations like The Atlantic Magazine,, ABC News, The Washington Post and Politico, the speakers covered a wide range of topics. Everything from religion in reporting and the utilization of social media to the then-breaking Herman Cain scandal were discussed.

Lessons Learned (Heads up journalism majors, this section is for you!):

  • If you want to make it the news industry you have to be well-rounded. That means knowing how to shoot video, tweet a reaction and record a podcast — all while doing the standard pen-and-pad reporting.
  • Learn to write well. I think every person we spoke with said this. If you can write well, you will always be able to find a job.
  • This isn’t an industry that tolerates laziness, or cutting-corners. In other words, if you don’t go out there and chase the story down, someone else will.  Also, maintain integrity in your reporting. A misquote or incorrect fact will haunt you forever.
  • Network. You’ll probably end up getting a job because you know someone who knows someone.
  • Keep up on social media. If you think you have it mastered, you’re lying to yourself because there is probably some new technology out there that has launched and you don’t even know about it yet. A few of the big sites right now are Facebook (Duh!), Twitter, StumbleUpon and Tumblr.

Before I stop typing, I wanted to make sure to include a big thanks to the Journalism Department and the HSU Clubs Coordinating Council for helping us get to Washington D.C. A big shout out goes to Maclyn ‘Mac’ McClary, emeritus professor of journalism and mass communication, for the generous contribution he made to the Journalism Club for both this year and next. Thanks Mac!

Preparing for the Big Apple

Journalism club members discuss their applications for the New York Business Journalism Conference during a special club meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 7.  Kevin Bunch, Matt Drange, Haley Nessler and Dylan Honea-Baumann were selected to attend the conference.

Professors Marcy Burstiner and Vicky Sama prepare Journalism Club students for the upcoming trip to New York City.

New Club Officers for Fall 2010

The Journalism Club held its first meeting on Monday, August 30, 2010, and members elected new officers. Here are the results: Kevin Bunch returns as the club president (after one year on national exchange), Travis Turner returns for a consecutive semester as vice president, Sara Wilmot is treasurer and Lilah Landau is secretary. More than 20 students– several of them new journalism majors– attended the meeting. Everyone appeared excited for the new school year and planning trips to New York and San Francisco.

Fall 2010 First Club Meeting

The new school year is underway! The Journalism Club will hold its first meeting of the semester at 4:00 p.m. on Monday, August 30. If you’re interested in becoming a club officer, we will be holding elections at this first meeting. If you are interested in meeting other journalism majors and want to join us on a club trip, then please come to the meeting.

If you want to join the club email listserve, please send an email to Prof. Vicky Sama at victoria.sama at

Spring 2010 Club Officers

Seated left to right: Caroline Ganzberger, President Tristan Pulido, Secretary Kaitlin Skeels, Vice President Travis Turner, Treasurer Karina Gonzalez and Bianca Boykin.  On the floor: Ashley Bailey and Natalia Estrada. Photo by Vicky Sama.