Interviewing the Undead

Don't call me zombie

Allie Jones (left) is about to get doused in blood for forgetting to ask if filming and pictures were okay with the interviewee. Never forget the basics.

By Alexis Flores

With the aphorism “if you can interview a zombie, you can interview anyone alive,” Halloween night at the ACP/CMA conference took off. The scary session titled “Bleed for your media” began with an introduction to the undead. Without much indication as to what the zombies were seeking (“zombie” is a term they despised and a word HSU Journalism Club President Allie Jones would pay for) the participants were left with their pens and notepads to construct palatable questions. The interviewees were tired of the obvious questions – our challenge was to assemble all possible, less stereotypical inquiries. If the zombies thought the questions unworthy, they responded viciously.

Brainstorming, Jones and I– the brains behind the interview, according to Jones– observed other groups returning from their interviews drenched in fake blood. We critiqued our questions to ensure (living) success.

Proceeding onto the actual interview, Jones was uneasy as she tried to figure out what exactly the interviewee was seeking. Quickly she found out that the
undead was more alive than she was.

“Did you ask me if you could record?” the undead asked.

Strike one. However, like a true HSU journalism student, Jones shook off her nervousness and proceeded gracefully– for the most part.

Handling the short unresponsive responses of the interviewee, Jones made it
out alive– although the undead did ask if she could eat her at one point during the interview. With a conclusive goodbye and a lively hello to the rest of the night, the session was over: It was an experience like no other.


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